Filología Neotestamentaria 52

Vol. XXX-II - 2019

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Clase de producto: Estudios
Editorial: Herder Editorial
EAN: 9788425443343
Publicación: 09/2019
Formato: Rústica
Idioma: Español, Inglés
Número de páginas: 206
Tamaño: 17.00 x 24.00
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Aaron M. Jensen, Information Structure as a More Objective Criterion for Distinguishing between Cataphoric and Kinds of Anaphoric Demonstratives

Stephen H. Levinsohn, Interpreting and Translating Γίνομαι as a Verb of Process in the New Testament: Further Considerations

Alfredo Delgado, The Style of Mark and the Biographies of Antiquity

Christian-B. Amphoux, La double identité de Lebbée

Mina Monier, GA 304, Theophylact’s Commentary and the Ending of Mark

Peter Rodgers, What a Difference a Καί Makes Text and Story in 2 Corinthians

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